My Doula Story…


Hayley Weichler,CD

I became a Certified Birth Doula through New Beginnings Doula Training after the birth of our daughter, and yes, we had a doula.  However, prior to pregnancy, and even into the first few months, I had never even heard the word doula. So, how did I get here? In a nutshell:

Step 1) Find out we’re pregnant! Yay!

Step 2) Google search for the definition of “doula.”

Step 3) A consultation with a potential doula.

Step 4) Hiring said doula.

Step 5) Having an empowered birth experience.

Step 6) Back to google search for “doula certification organizations,” select organization, sign-up.

Step 7) Complete certification.  

Even though it was Step 1 that started it all, essentially it was Step 5 that truly brought me to this point.  With the support of our doula, I felt informed, educated, cared for in all aspects during my pregnancy, and supported for labor, birth, and the fourth trimester.  The drive and calling to support other childbearing persons and families was overwhelming, I am! It brings me joy and honor to support families during a time in their lives that is so intimate, transformational, and unpredictable. Providing doula support has enhanced my life as a mother, wife, daughter, sister, and friend. I strive to give you the comfort and care you and your family desires during your birth experiences.

Other interesting things about me…

I am passionate about dance, yoga, and music.  Growing up, I did the ballet, tap and jazz thing, and continued my studies in college with an emphasis shifting to modern/post-modern and choreography.  Though my days of performing are fond memories of the past, if there is music playing, you can bet that I will be grooving to it in some way, and I will definitely dance with you through labor, if you wish!  In 2015, I became a certified Raja Yoga instructor, the Himalayan Tradition. In time, my focus became directed towards the practice of prenatal and postnatal yoga, wanting to be able to provide a safe, comforting, supportive environment and community to those preparing for birth and during the postpartum healing period.  I continue to teach multiple classes a week in Easton, Pennsylvania and Clinton, NJ, guiding birthing persons and partners through the mind, body, breath, soul and baby connection. During my yoga training, I also received the attunements to become a Level 4 Reiki Practitioner.

I never quite had a knack for playing any instruments or singing, but that does not stop me from belting out a Janis Joplin tune in the car.  I am fascinated to learn about the origins of songs and I know way more about The Beatles than my parents. There is a song out there for every mood, and always a great concert to attend. My husband rocks the guitar, and we’re already teaching our daughter how to rock out on her wooden banjo.  My family and I love to sing, dance, and visit farms where we can pick our fruits and vegetables together. We are enjoying settling into a new home in Pittstown, New Jersey.

So why Compassionate Beginnings?

Compassionate - Synonyms:  sympathetic, understanding, caring, concerned, sensitive, warmhearted, tender, thoughtful, kind

Pregnancy, labor, birth, and parenting is full of unknowns, even if this is your second, third, fourth child.  Everyone’s stories and experiences are and will be different. In my calling to become a birth doula, I understood that support and care would include being there for the joys and being there for the struggles; the physical support and the emotional support.  Every birthing person is deserving of kind and understanding care. Providing compassionate care during such a transformative time in life is my doula way.

Beginnings -

Each part of being pregnant, birthing a baby, and honoring your own birth as a parent is a beginning.  All happening in a short period of time, nonetheless! Finding out you’re pregnant - surreal beginning; growing baby bump - beginning of new wardrobe; moving from transition to the 2nd stage of labor - beginning to push; bringing baby home - beginning of learning to survive on minimal sleep...and so on and so on! As you maneuver through all these new beginnings, you will be supported in all of your choices, preferences, learning experiences, and growth.

And so, Compassionate Beginnings Doula and Birth Services was born.

Servicing New Jersey: Hunterdon Medical Center, Morristown Medical Center, Capital Health - Hopewell, RWJ University Hospital - Somerset, St. Peter’s University Hospital, Summit Overlook

Servicing Pennsylvania: St. Luke’s University Hospital - Bethlehem, Lehigh Valley Hospital - Cedar Crest & Muhlenberg, Easton Hospital, Doylestown Hospital

Hayley, her husband Josh, and Layla at 1 year old

Hayley, her husband Josh, and Layla at 1 year old

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