Postpartum Belly Binding


Postpartum Belly Binding

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Based of off the traditional Malaysian technique of wrapping a (VERY) long strip of cloth around the hips, abdomen, and rib cage, postpartum belly binding aides in helping the birthing person heal after they have had a baby, allowing it to be unique to each birther’s body. Binding provides emotional and physical support to all types of birth including vaginal, cesarean section, stillborn, or miscarriage by offering healing and comfort. Postpartum Belly Binding benefits include:

  • Gives support to organs, muscles, joints and bones by bringing in the hips, abdomen, and rib cage

  • Can help to mold the body to how it was before (internally) while the relaxin hormone is still present

  • Prevents nursing slouch by keeping the body in an upright

  • Can help uterus tone down after birth, and aid with eliminating waste blood

  • Helps with abdominal, pubic, and pelvic separation, including diastis recti

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