“The two most powerful things in existence: a kind word and a thoughtful gesture.” -Kenneth Langone

“There is a very calming presence about Hayley which made me feel naturally safe and empowered anytime we would meet for yoga. I really enjoyed how easy it was to get along with her. I liked how knowledgeable she was with different positions to get into for pain/discomfort relief both during pregnancy and during labor. Being able to to practice those positions in the prenatal yoga classes was very beneficial for me during my days at home and also when my labor started to get more “real.” Another aspect that I really enjoyed was that she really seems to care so much and has a big heart. Not once did I feel like I was bothering her when I would ask a question outside of class. I felt I could go to her with ANY question, no matter how silly it seemed to be asking at the time. Add to the fact that she is ready and willingly to drive huge distances to meet up really shows how much she loves being that rock and strength behind a woman when she is perhaps not at her strongest.

-Michelle K.

“Compassionate is the perfect word to describe Hayley, and yet it still does not seem like enough to truly encompass her being. Not only did she immediately show me great warmth and kindness, she made my husband feel just as important. I can 100% say that I would not have made it through my pregnancy as calm and clear headed if it wasn’t for her guidance and support. She has brought peace to my life, which has continued on even after my daughter’s birth. If you are looking for someone who you can trust, who will give you genuine comfort, and will make you feel confident in your abilities to have a wonderful pregnancy and birth, than I would without a doubt recommend Compassionate Beginnings.”

-Shayna M

“Attending weekly prenatal yoga classes with Hayley was the highlight of my pregnancy. I looked forward to my Sunday morning routine because the (affordable) 90 minutes were relaxing, strengthening, and social. What a great combination. I was able to have a medication-free birth and deliver while squatting, which was a hope for me. I credit attending the classes (and practicing birthing-relevant skills) for being able to deliver in this way, despite having some early complications in my labor. I believe what I learned about breathing in the classes was also invaluable. I cannot recommend this class enough. “

-Laura S.

So grateful to Hayley for her support during the birth of our son. She was a kind caring presence during our labor and empowered us to make thoughtful, considered decisions leading up to our birth, as well as, in the moment. The education received was priceless. Compassionate is the perfect description for Hayley.”

-Hallee C.

“Hayley was wonderful in helping me through back labor while I was at home. I would have had a more stressful experience without her guidance. Her yoga class really helped me stay calm, remember to stretch, and take things one day at a time. I’d recommend her to anyone.”

-Amy S.

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